Capt'n Salty & Pepper   (G1150)

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22" Chantilly Lane® Capt'n Salty & his parrot, Pepper are ready for the party! Both sing verses together and sparately. Heads sway and mouths move while singing, "Hot!, Hot!, Hot!".

Female Scrubs Bear   (G1039)

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Chantilly Lane® 19" Scrubs bear. Head sways & mouth moves while singing, "I'll Be There".

Sparky   (G1046)

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14" Sparky dalmatian fireman dog. Sparky dances while singing, "Ring of Fire"..

Harmony   (G1196)

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Chantilly Lane 19'' Harmony bear has glittery lavender tutu, purple satin slippers and choker accented with sparkling lavender flower embellishments and a sparkling crown. Head sways & mouth moves while singing, "From a Distance".

American GI Hero   (G1181)

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Chantilly Lane® 19" American Hero bear wearing Desert Camo combat uniform. Head sways & mouth moves while singing, "God Bless the USA". Backward American Flag (Right Facing Flag) sewn on right sleeve, as on actual USA Desert Camo uniform.

Al Fredo   (G1148)

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Chantilly Lane® 19" Al Fredo. Handsomely dressed in a chef's coat and hat with striped pants and red scarf tie. Head sways and mouth moves while singing, "That's Amoré".

Male Scrubs Bear   (G1038)

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Chantilly Lane 19" Scrubs bear. Perfect for all medical professionals! Head sway & mouth moves while singing, "(Doctor Doctor) Bad Case of Loving You".

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