Connie Talbot's Christmas Bear


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Chantilly Lane 17" Connie Talbot "Christmas" Bear with red velvet dress and hat, and green ribbon bow accent. Head sways & mouth moves while singing, “Mary’s Boy Child”.


Connie Talbot's Frosty Bear    (G5505)

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Chantilly Lane 17" Connie Talbot's "Frosty" Bear with white fleece dress and hat, and a blue scarf. Head sways & mouth moves while singing, "Frosty the Snowman".

Trouble                        (G5002)

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14" Trouble the puppy is BUSTED! With a bow on his head, ribbon in his mouth and a string of lights from the Christmas tree, looks like Trouble has some explaining to do! Tail wags, lights flash, head sways & mouth moves while singing, "I'm Gettin' Nuttin' for Christmas".

Dancing Gingerbreads            (G5034)

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14" Dancing Gingerbread boy & girl. Bodies sway while singing, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. 2 assorted. Sold individually.

Chris and Holly Duet               (G5027)

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12" Chris and Holly bear and mouse duet. Mouths move while they tell verses back and forth. Together they recite, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”


Saint Nick Bear Duet         (G5025)

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Chantilly Lane 19" Saint Nick Bear Duet. Santa bear and little bear in the toy bag sing verses back & forth, and together. Heads sway & mouths move while singing, “Up on the Rooftop”

Rip Von Kringle          (G5026)

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9" Farting Santa let’s ‘er rip while he makes wise cracks about the holiday season. His cheeks light up and his legs kick while he laughs after each saying.

Jolly Snowman                       (G5035)

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12" Snowman with flapping hat. Ear covers flap up and down while singing, “Holly Jolly Christmas”.


Jingle Jangle Bengal      (G5059)

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12" Bengal tiger is a real cool cat! Dances while singing a very rockabilly, “Jingle Bells”.



Hope                                 (G1189)

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Chantilly Lane 19" Hope has a pink fleece poncho with boa trim, and a very soft pink hat with a big bow. Organza and satin ribbon accents. Head sways & mouth moves while singing "I Hope You Dance".


 Jordan                             (G1134)

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14" Jordan Bear with gold embroidered cross sings, "Jesus Loves Me"

Connie Talbot's Merry Christmas Bear                                                (G5506)

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Chantilly Lane 17" Connie Talbot's "Merry Christmas" Bear with red crushed velvet dress and hat. Head sways & mouth moves while singing, “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”.

Blitzen Reindeer                  (G5031)

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16" Blitzen Reindeer with guitar. Head playfully sways hand strums guitar while singing, “Jingle Bells”.




 Lil' Blue                                 (G5037)

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10" Beagle puppy with fleece snowflake cap, and a shiny new bone-shaped dog tag. Ears wiggle up and down and head sways while singing, “Blue Christmas”.


Nutmeg                           (G5036)

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10" Tan puppy with fleece plaid cap, holding a stocking in his mouth. Ears wiggle up and down and head sways while singing, “Bark the Herald Angels Sing”.


Merry Mouse                       (G5033)

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11" Merry Mouse in red footed pajamas. Head sways, mouth moves and arms sway while singing, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

Christmas Pancho    (G5017)

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12" Singing Pancho the Chihuahua with sombrero & poncho. Sways forward and back, head sways & mouth moves while singing, "Feliz Navidad".


Dancing Santa                 (G5460)

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14" Dancing Santa dances while singing, “Holly Jolly Christmas”.



Nick & Noel Duet        (G5022)

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19" Nick & Noel Duet cat and mouse. Both characters mouths move while they tell verses back and forth. Together they recite, "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

Jethro Santa Moose      (G5047)

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10" Jethro Santa moose is dressed for the holidays! Antlers wiggle, head sways and mouth moves while singing, "Jingle Bell Rock". Sliegh not included.

Poki Penguin                 (G5058)

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10" Poki Penguin with Christmas Aloha shirt and matching Santa hat. Wings flap while singing, “Mele Kalikimaka”.




Noah Prayer Bear        (G1062)

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Singing 15" Peppermint jumping penguin. Wings flap and penguin jumps while singing, "Sleigh Ride"

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